New England based band "Gaiah" to be featured in a new webdocumentary by local production company "Dragon Eye Pictures"

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(May 29, 2016 - West Palm Beach, FL) Throughout the history of Dragon Eye Pictures we have produced some of the most well known webdocumentary films pertaining to some of the most popular game franchises. However, in a bid to shift the direction of the company we have decided to start producing documentaries in a multitude of genres, from games and films, to music and television. To start off this journey we have decided to focus on a hard rock band from Springfield, Massachusetts. From the begining Gaiah has faced many challenges that plague any band, but it's how they dealt with those challenges that has shaped who they are today.

From the start Gaiah wanted nothing more than to provide the entertainment for the fans that they remembered from when they were young. While their particular sound may not be for everyone, it has hit a particular subset of listeners hard. I recently sat down to talk with the band's co-founder, Shawn Santanello, who enlightened me as to what the fans are calling themselves these days and it's nothing short of interesting, Gaiahettes. It was because of the fans that the group decided to come out of hiatus to being working on their newest album "Perfect Disaster". While it doesn't have the same dark edge as their previous album, it was welcomed by the fans with open arms. They have been performing the songs live throughout the Northeast for over 6 months now to soldout venues showing again how loyal their fans truly are.

Recently the band has stated that they wish to tour beyond their tristate area. So starting June 11, 2016 a Kickstarter campaign will go live to raise funds for the band so they can take their tour further than jsut the Northeast. They also plan on using the funds raised to help them record music videos, which is next logical step for this band to ensure their fans are happy and keep them coming back for more. Up until now the band has avoided the use of traditional music videos because of the cost to produce. However, with more and more bands and artists having found funding success through crowfunding campaigns it only seemed like the next logical step for Gaiah.

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Since our inception in 2014, Dragon Eye Pictures has been bringing the world documentary films via the web on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. It is now our hope to expand our reach by targeting lovers of all genres of entertainment and to do that we will be creating several new accounts on YouTube, which will be dedicated to one genre and all their subgenres. In order to find the information that is relevant to the fans we plan on following several groups through the month, filming everything they do. in essence our shows will be a combination of reality meets documentary. By doing this we will be able to dive deeper into the fandom psyche than ever before.

What does Dragon Eye Picutres do?

Starting July 1st, 2016 we will feature a new band/artist, television series, film or videogame franchise as a part of our monthly documentary seires with in depth weekly segments. Each week will focus on a new area of what has made that artist or franchise such a success. We will delve into the psyche of the fans that love them and dive into the minds of their creators. With each new week you will get a chance to see how much work it takes to bring the work to the fans and you get to experience their struggles everyday, from familial issues to live on the road, nothing is off limits in this series.

Who are Gaiah

The band was formed by Shawn Santanello and Jon Zanetti in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1999. Taking their influences from bands such as Pantera and Godsmack Gaiah took the Northeast by storm with their first album "Through This Nightmare". To help promote their first album Gaiah would often appear at local Battle of the Bands competitions where they would often times take one of the top three spots. It was at one of these competitions in 2004 where they were recognized by a local radio DJ who invited them to play live on the air. It was due to that chance opportunity that they were offered a chance to open the second stage at Ozzfest in Hartford, Connecticut. Snce then the band has gone through a few member changes as well as a brief hiatus from the public eye. In 2015 they released their long anticipated second album "Perfect Disaster". The band is currently in the studio working on their third album.

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